Resuming my work on Android Apps.

I have begun my work developing android apps. I will be upgrading older apps and creating newer ones. I will be learning and mentoring at this meetup. So if you are interested in developing Android Apps, join us. See you there.

Klingon Bartender Guide

House VamPyr and Random Android Apps presents the Klingon Bartender Guide.  Listed are drinks from around the universe. We are also honored to include drinks from Quarks Bar We ask that if you make any of the drinks to please email a picture of them to us.   May Kahless grant you great glory in your bartending!! Qapla’

Klingon Warrior Database

nuqneH tlhIngan!! This is a Klingon Warrior Database brought to you by House VamPyr. It contains over 90 known Klingon Warriors. Klingon Name: Description: Episodes/Series: Actor/Actress Name: If you find any missing please go to and let us know and we will add any missing Klingon Warriors. This app needs you to make it better. Qapla’